“…Think Revolver-era Beatles, Andrew Bird’s string-laden neo-folk-pop and the heartache-poetics of Elliot Smith” – J. Milo, REAL DETROIT WEEKLY

Detroit News Online – 2012 – Melody Baetens
Melodic pop/rock group Tone and Niche has been jamming around Metro Detroit for quite a few years. The group’s songs are catchy, thoughtful and poetic. Infused with a dynamic violin and both male and female vocals, it’s the kind of safe, but lovely, music that could take the band places…

Music Blahg – 2011 – Jeff Milo
Tone wasn’t used to this royal treatment…waking up to the summer’s sun and the robust smell of organic coffee inside a colonial mansion with an in-ground swimming pool, strolling into the studio and being asked by a professional sound engineer what he wanted to play today – the Vox AC30 or the Fender tube…

Night and Day – 2009 – Megan O’Neil
These days in Detroit music, it seems like you can’t drunkenly stumble through one smoke-clogged bar without getting smacked in the face by a violin...

Night and Day – 2007 – Eve Doster
There’s a truism among the devoted, those who spend a good portion of their scratch and large chunks of spare time haunting hole-in-the-wall music venues...

Blowout Roundup – 2006 – Eve Doster
At the sardine-tight Whiskey in the Jar, the violin-led Tone & Niche show was, in a word, passionate…

Ear Candy – 2008 – Jeff Milo
The sound of Tone & Niche burns with spellbound somberness…

Deep Cutz – 2008 – Jeff Milo
Tone and Niche brew a refined, light-jangled, warm toned folk with those
pensive-setting-sun piano accompaniments and shimmering, beautiful
violin/viola swinging saws that lull your heart into a teary-eyed smile…

Live Review – 2009 – Adam Leroy
If you’ve made it the past six years without hearing Tone & Niche count yourself a rare find—and dreadfully unlucky.


…If the song ‘medallion’ doesn’t rush images of spring into your head then maybe the Michigan winter has killed the sparkle in you. We’ve seen moth-nibbled fedoras, gently swaying hips and a room full of closed eyes at T&N shows. It’s literate pop deserving of a much wider audience.

– Metro Times Blowout snippet on T&N – March, 2008

Anthony Retka, of Tone and Niche, uses an immaculate blend of great songwriting, vocals, and guitar. He plays melodic numbers with full vocals and introspective lyrics, many of which are about love. Retka is a master of dynamics, moving between rich, strong heavy guitar bits and gentle, barely-there strumming. The diversity of his octaves is astounding; he conjures images of Radiohead one moment and Jeff Buckley the next…

– The Springfed Arts, Metro-Detroit Musicians

The distinct texture and sound of the music of Tone & Niche is created by the wonderful interplay of Anthony Retka’s straight forward singing and guitar playing balanced with Nicole Varga’s soaring violin and viola, producing a unique folk-rock fusion.

– Ralph Valdez, WDET 101.9 FM